deformation behavior of coarse-grained soil as an

Soil Mechanics: Description and Classification

Soil Mechanics: Description and Classification Course No: G04-002 Credit: 4 PDH Yun Zhou, PhD, PE Continuing Education and Development, Inc. 9 Greyridge Farm Court Stony Point, NY 10980 P: (877) 322-5800 F: (877) 322-4774 infocedengineering

Effect of Initial State and Deformation Conditions on the

This is attributed to the difficulty of deformation and the dynamic recrystallization behavior of coarse-grained samples. Moreover, fine-grained samples contain a large number of dispersed phases, which can pin the grain boundaries and inhibit the growth of recrystallized grains.

Liquefaction Behavior and Post

Liquefaction Behavior and Post-Liquefaction Volumetric Strain Properties 2014 behavior was affected more significantly by the fines content rather than the plasticity index of the soil, Ishihara [5] and Prakash and Guo [6] reported that the fine grained soils with

Experimental Study on Cumulative Plastic Deformation

2018/1/1Free Online Library: Experimental Study on Cumulative Plastic Deformation of Coarse-Grained Soil High-Grade Roadbed under Long-Term Vehicle Load.(Research Article) by Advances in Civil Engineering; Engineering and manufacturing

Phys. Rev. E 90, 012601 (2014)

2014/7/7Using a previously developed coarse-grained model, we conducted large-scale ($ensuremath{sim}85ifmmodetimeselsetexttimesfi{}85ifmmodetimeselsetexttimesfi{}85{mat{nm}}^{3}$) molecular dynamics simulations of uniaxial-strain deformation to study the tensile behavior of an epoxy molding compound, epoxy phenol novolacs (EPN) bisphenol A (BPA). Under the uniaxial-strain


The coarse-grained soils used in the oedometer tests were sourced from the primary rock-fill of the Pankou CFRD. First, the coarse soils were roller compacted in a testing field, as shown in Fig. 1 (a) and (b); then, these coarse-grained soils were sieved into

Deformation Behavior of Coarse

This study aims to examine the deformation behavior and internal mechanism of coarse-grained soil as an embankment filler under cyclic loading. Numerical dynamic triaxial tests were performed on coarse-grained soil using the discrete element software PFC3D.

Deformation and Fracture Processes of a Lamellar

2017/4/18Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations can model the deformation and fracture processes of the lamellar structure in polyethylene on a molecular scale; however, the simulations have not been performed due to the difficulty in building the structure and the limitations of small-scale simulations on the order of 104 beads. Thus, we propose a crystallization method for a large-scale

Mechanism of foundation pit deformation caused by

Mechanism of foundation pit deformation caused by dewatering before soil excavation: an experimental study ZENG Chao-feng, XUE Xiu-li, SONG Wei-wei, LI Miao-kun, BAI Ning Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Geotechnical Engineering for Stability Control and Health Monitoring, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan, Hunan 411201, China

Columnar grain growth in non

The growth behavior of columnar grains in non-oriented electrical steels is studied via the plastic deformation of an initial columnar-grained solidification microstructure and annealing, based on changes in grain orientation and grain orientation spread (GOS) value. The

Experimental deformation of coarse‐grained rock salt to

2016/7/29Due to these applications of rock salt, it is essential to know the deformation behavior of rock salt. Rock salt in nature is often coarse‐grained (mean grain size of most halite rocks lies between 2 and 20 mm) [Urai et al., 2008]. Inclusions filled with brine are

The influence of particle characteristics on the

Compression tests indicated that the initial load deformation response at particle–particle contact points is significantly softer than previously believed. Optical interferometry of particles after single particle–particle shearing tests confirmed that plastic strains occurred at the contact point, which were related to plastic yield.

Numerical Analysis of Soil Improvement for a Foundation of a Factory Using Stone Columns Made of Different Types of Coarse

Cite this article as: Stacho, J., Sulovska, M. Numerical Analysis of Soil Improvement for a Foundation of a Factory Using Stone Columns Made of Different Types of Coarse-grained Materials, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering, 63(3), pp. 795–803, 2019

Thermally induced deformation of soils: A critical overview

2021/3/1Thermally induced deformation of coarse-grained soils and other granular materials (under drained conditions in the presence of water): (a) stress dependence of the maximum contractive deformation upon monotonic heating and (b) shakedown behavior (cyclic34

#4 Interpretation Soil Parameters SANDS

Soil Behavior Type Index, Ic Ic = [(3.47 – log Q)2 + (log F+1.22)2]0.5 Function primarily of Soil Compressibility Coarse-grained soils Ic 2.60 Increasing compressibility SANDS CLAYS Robertson, 2013 SBT from CPT Plasticity Index as function of SBT Ic and

Analytical Geomechanics Group Journal articles

Ishikawa, T., Ito, K. and Miura, S. : Influence of freeze-thaw action on soil water characteristics of crushable volcanic coarse-grained soil, Proceedings of the 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils, Newcastle, pp.159-164, 2009.11.

Deformation Model of Chains and Networks with

The nonlinear stress–strain response of synthetic and biological networks and gels manifested in a monotonic increase of an instantaneous modulus is a result of the nonlinear deformation of individual network strands. To describe this behavior, we develop a nonlinear network deformation model, which relates macroscopic stress–strain response with force-elongation behavior of polymer chains

Comparison of Coarse

2019/10/3Coarse-Grained Soil for Engineering Use Good load-bearing capacities Good drainage qualities but reduced by fines content as low as 5% Coarse-grained soils with angular particles have higher strength (shearing resistance), higher compressibility and lower density

Resilient modulus and plastic deformation of soil confined

Resilient modulus tests were conducted on two coarse-grained soils (gravel and sand) and a fine-grained soil (lean silty clay) in a large-size cell with and without confinement in a geocell. The effect of the geocell on resilient modulus depended on the infill (soil in the


lining material over coarse-grained soils in cover systems or irrigation ponds. The effects of the hydraulic head acting over the GCL and the void size of the subgrade material on deformation behavior of the GCL were analyzed by using finite element method

Deformation characteristics of coarse

2014/6/14By using large scale triaxial shearing apparatus, consolidated-drained shear tests were conducted on coarse-grained soil with different gradations. In order to describe their deformation rules, three main characteristics of tangent Poisson ratio curves were summarized and the reason was revealed by dividing the movement of soil particles into two kinds: the movement of fine particles and the

Experimental study on critical dynamic stress of coarse

Abstract: The coarse-grained soil is widely used as the filling in the railway subgrade, which is directly subjected to the long-term effect of the dynamic cyclic train loads transmitted from the track structure. Investigation of its dynamic behavior and plastic

Uniaxial compressive behavior of equal channel angular

Similar to coarse grained (CG) metals, the plastic deformation of UFG materials is also thermally activated process with temperature and strain rate (or loading rate) dependence [1,5]. However, such unique microstructures as high fraction of non-equilibrium grain

Geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical engineering, also known as geotechnics, is the branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials. It uses the principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics for the solution of its respective engineering problems. It also relies on knowledge of geology, hydrology, geophysics, and other related

Experimental study on critical dynamic stress of coarse

Abstract: The coarse-grained soil is widely used as the filling in the railway subgrade, which is directly subjected to the long-term effect of the dynamic cyclic train loads transmitted from the track structure. Investigation of its dynamic behavior and plastic

Grain Size Effect on the Mechanical Behavior of

Xiuhan Yang, Sai Vanapalli, in Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering, 2021Introduction Fine-grained soil slopes that are in a state of the unsaturated condition typically undergo a large deformation prior to reaching failure conditions (Ng, Zhan, Bao, Fredlund, Gong, 2003; Widger Fredlund, 1979).).

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