wetting of kf-alf3-based melts on graphite cathode

Structure and Thermodynamics of Alkali

The MF−AlF3−Al2O3 (M = Li, Na, K) systems have been studied in the liquid state. Raman spectra were recorded to obtain information on the structure and the ionic composition of these melts, vapor pressure measurements were performed to obtain thermodynamic information, and the Al2O3 solubility has been measured as a function of the melt composition and temperature. These data show that the

Cathodic behavior of graphite in KF

Lowering the CR of KF-AlF3-based melt suppressed the potassium intercalation but enhanced the formation of aluminum carbide. In the KF-AlF3-based melt with CR of 1.0, formation of Al4C3 seriously occurred, which resulted not only from the chemical reaction of aluminum and carbon but also from the electrochemical reduction of carbon under higher overpotential.


It is considered that KF-AlF3-based solutions are promising electrolytes in this process. In this work, the electrical conductivity of low-melting electrolytes (nKF/nAlF3=1.3-1.7) with Al2O3 (4 mas.%), NaF (2-6 mas.%) and LiF (2-6 mas.%) additives was investigated using BN tube type cell.

Cathodic behavior of graphite in KF

Lowering the CR of KF-AlF3-based melt suppressed the potassium intercalation but enhanced the formation of aluminum carbide. In the KF-AlF3-based melt with CR of 1.0, formation of Al4C3 seriously occurred, which resulted not only from the chemical reaction of aluminum and carbon but also from the electrochemical reduction of carbon under higher overpotential.

Determination of the Al2O3 Content in

A normalization procedure for the Raman spectra is proposed based on the equilibria taking place in the bath. In addition, we discuss two quantitative models to determine the alumina content from the Raman spectra of the molten NaF–AlF3–CaF2–Al2O3 electrolytes.

Proceedings of 4th Asian Confe../c2012.

G6 Wetting of Na 3 AlF 6-KF-AIF 3 Based Electrolytes on Graphite Cathode Material Associated with Melt Penetration Yanan Zhang(University of Science and Technology Beijing, China) Jilai Xue(University of Science and Technology Beijing, China) Jun Zhu 68

Procedure for separation of metals from waste of

SUBSTANCE: procedure consists in electrolysis of melt KF-NaF-AlF 3 with additives Al 2 O 3 at temperature of electrolyte 700-900 C and at maintaining cryolite ratio (KF+NaF)/AlF 3 from 1.1 to 1.9. Electrolysis is carried out at anode density of current not more, than 1.0 A/cm 2 and cathode density of current not over 0.9 A/cm 2 .


Based on the Raman spectroscopy and solubility data it was assumed that a mechanism of the Sc2O3 dissolution in the KF-AlF3 and NaF-AlF3 melts is different. The scandia dissolves in the NaF-AlF3 with subsequent formation of the ScF63- and Sc2OF62- ions, whereas in the KF-AlF3 at temperatures of 650-800 C the dissolution process is obstructed by a K3ScF6, highly melted and poorly soluble

Alumina and Bauxite Technology Specialty Alumina Products

Chemical Resistance of Sidelining Materials Based on SiC and Carbon in Cryolitic Melts--A Laboratory Study p. 215 Filling Alumina Silos by Use of Anti Segregation Tubes (ASTs) p. 223 Cathode Refractory Materials for Aluminium Reduction Cells p. 231

Wang Zhaowen's Information in English, NEU

Electrical conductivity modelling of Na3AlF6-AlF3 melts based on two-step mechanism of AlF63-[J]. Journal of Northeastern University(Natural Science). 27(S2),2006:81-84. (in Chinese) Hu Xianwei, Wang Zhaowen, Gao Bingliang, Shi Zhongning. Application

Alumina Solubility in KF

KF-NaF-AlF3-based electrolyte is a promising low-temperature electrolyte for aluminum reduction. Alumina solubility in molten KF-NaF-AlF3-based electrolyte was determined as a function of the melt composition and temperature by measuring the weight loss of a rotating corundum disk and by using a LECO RO500 oxygen analyzer (LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI). The investigated temperature

Направления и результаты научно–исследовательской

Polyakov, P.V., Zaikov, Yu.P. Cathode process at the electrolysis of KF-AlF3-Al2O3 melts and suspensions . Journal of the Belousov O.V. Formation of nanomaterials based on non-ferrous and noble metals in autoclaves / O.V. Belousov, A.V

Molten Salt Electrodeposition of Silicon in Cu

melts, were studied in the first step of this work. The deposition potential of Si on a graphite cathode was measured to determine the working potential and the effect of SiO 2 concentration on it. In the next step, the deposition potential of Si from cryolite SiO 2

A Review: Understanding the Science and the Impacts of

Since sodium enhances wetting of cathode carbon, it also allows penetration of electrolyte into zones where secondary reactions occur.13,14 3. The cathode block has direct contact with Al and can then form aluminum carbide at the interface.

The Resistibility of Semi

The electrolysis expansion of semi-graphitic cathode blocks was studied in (Na, K) cryolite-alumina melts. A self-made modified Rapoport apparatus was used to study the effects of CR (cryolite ratio) and KR (potassium cryolite content divided by the total amount of


This is pumped into a cell with an electrolyte comprised of K 2 SO 4 with fine-particles of Al 2 O 3 in suspension, an anode and a porous cathode of open-cell ceramic foam material. The cell is maintained at 750 C. and four volts of electricity applied between the anode and the cathode causes oxygen to bubble at the anode and liquid aluminum to form in the porous cathode.

Interaction of High Flash Point Electrolytes and PE

These findings can neither be explained from the contact angle measurements (Figure 8) and surface wetting photographs (Figure 9) nor based on electrochemical properties from the mixtures. It should be mentioned that the flow characteristics (viscosity) of mixture M-4 and M-6 are inferior compared to mixture M-2, M-3 and M-5.

The Performance of Aluminium Electrolysis in a Low

The cryolite ratio of molar concentrations of alkali fluorides and aluminium fluoride KR = (N KF +N NaF)/N AlF3, was always retained constant, equal to 1.3 or 1.5. The cryolite-based melts contained 5 and 10 mass% NaF. The temperature was 750 C for KR=1.3


Electrowinning of Aluminum and Scandium from KF-AlF3-Sc2O3 Melts for the Synthesis of Al-Sc Master Alloys Nikolaev AY, Suzdaltsev AV, Zaikov YP D258 - D267 Morphological Manipulation of Tin Nanostructures via Pulse Width Modulation of Potential Step

Physical Properties of Ionic Compounds Chemistry Tutorial

Physical Properties of Ionic Compounds: Brittleness Ionic solids are brittle. When a stress is applied to the ionic lattice, the layers shift slightly. The layers are arranged so that each cation is surrounded by anions in the lattice. If the layers shift then ions of the

Primary Aluminum: Inert Anode and Wettable Cathode

2020/2/19US10415147 — ELECTRODE CONFIGURATIONS FOR ELECTROLYTIC CELLS AND RELATED METHODS — Elysis Limited Partnership (Canada) — In one embodiment, an electrolytic cell for the production of aluminum from alumina includes: at least one anode module with each module configured with a plurality of vertically oriented inert anodes; at least one cathode module, opposing

(PDF) On porosity

The cathode (4) was liquid aluminium.The current passed between the carbon anode and the graphite crucible. The electrode potential was measured between the anode and an ahuninium reference electrode which was contained in a boron nitride tube (8) with a 1 mm access hole to the melt.

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